Individual Coaching

There is no organisational growth without leadership growth. By combining my knowledge and experience of human behaviour and organisational dynamics, I offer organisations a unique executive and leadership coaching program.

My approach to coaching is atypical. I offer my services to suit the person or team being coached, not myself. I am often asked about the frequency of meetings. They are as frequent as needed. I expect to be available between our sessions. My success is dependent on yours.

Some relationships work best as a threesome. The organisation, coach and coachee collaborate to form an important tripartite relationship. The work with the coachee remains confidential.

I incorporate the use of psychometric assessments into the process at the outset.  I work with clients to leverage their strengths and identify any obstacles that might be holding them back. Each client is invited to identify and build their personal leadership brand.

Organisations are made up of people. I understand people. My background in wellbeing places me in a strong position to appreciate the human psyche and how we can be the obstacle that stands in the way of our enhanced performance.

Businesses operate in a dynamic environment. I understand business. My background of business ownership and advisory work prior to becoming a coach informs my coaching work.

Whether you are interested in honing your strategic thinking skills, harnessing your creativity, improving communication skills, transitioning to a new role, seeking enhanced performance, obtaining team leadership tools or something else, I will have your back.

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