Team Coaching and Group Coaching

Group and Team Coaching are two related sub-disciplines of the coaching profession. I work with groups and teams to maximise their performance, effectiveness, and interpersonal dynamics. By combining my knowledge and experience of human behaviour and organisational dynamics, I offer a unique approach to group and team coaching.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a facilitated group process which maximises the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of individuals to achieve organisational objectives and/or individual goals. (Definition adapted from Ginger Cockerham)

Group coaching brings together several individuals to work together on a common theme but with different individual performance goals. Groups may be formed from the same company or from different companies. The aim is for individuals to maximise their performance potential within the context of a group.

A group coaching program will typically be theme led, for example themes might include leadership, business development, conflict resolution and work-life issues. Within the parameters of the outer structure, the group defines the agenda and drives the process.

Participants in group coaching hold themselves and their peers accountable. Although the process is led by a group coach, the participants often coach each other as part of the group coaching process.

Group coaching often is the catalyst for shaping and changing corporate culture. It is estimated that organisation’s leave 90% of their talent untapped. Group coaching is an effective means to unlock potential.

Team Coaching

Teams are made up of people with complementary skills and who are committed to a common purpose and performance goals for which they are collectively accountable. Individuals in a team are interdependent.

Team coaching aims at strengthening the team as a system and may also build individual capabilities (to strengthen the team). Team members are often spread across different locations.

Typical scenarios in which team coaching can shift organisational dynamics include integrating a new leader to the group; assisting with crisis management; motivational downturns and adapting during times of rapid organisational and/or environmental change.
Team coaching may also be helpful when a team has low accountability in getting things done or when new leaders come on board, and they may proactively want support in developing the team and to create an action plan. Team coaching can be an important vehicle to help identify, explore and bridge cultures especially after a merger or acquisition.


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