My Approach

Drawing on my decades of executive and entrepreneurial experience including as CEO of a major international recruitment company, board director and strategic consultant, I align my coaching model to maximise impact. 

Today’s thought-leaders, coaches and strategic advisors need to appreciate the interplay between key psychology modalities, neuroscience, and modern-day leadership concepts. This is the sum of my life’s work.

Although therapy and coaching differ in that the former typically draws from the past and the latter pivots towards the future, the two worlds richly draw from each other. To facilitate change in a leader’s external world requires a deep knowledge of their inner world. The human psyche is the same whether in the bedroom or the boardroom.

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, mental health became a leadership issue.  The need to accelerate the impact of leadership and the impetus for executive talent to be more agile and self-aware has never been greater.

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