Team Development

I work with teams to maximise their performance, effectiveness, and interpersonal dynamics. By combining my knowledge and experience of human behaviour and organisational dynamics, I offer a unique approach to team development.

I facilitate teams become resilient to the constant dynamics of the organisational world. Teams flourish when they align around a common purpose, when roles are clearly defined and there is team accountability.

Typical scenarios in which team coaching can shift organisational dynamics include integrating a new leader to the group; assisting with crisis management; motivational downturns and adapting during times of rapid organisational and/or environmental change.

I incorporate the use of psychometric assessments into the process at the outset and work with my clients to understand the team as a whole and each individual member. I focus on what is working and any roadblocks. There are often a set of hidden beliefs and attitudes that have become part of the team’s DNA.

My background in wellbeing enables me to get to the heart of team dynamics. That might result in setting goals to facilitate a new strategic direction, resolving conflict between individuals and groups or enhancing the leadership of the team. The outputs are varied.

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