The Fear of Success: June 5th, 09:00 CET, Riviera Radio 106.5FM

We’ve all heard about the fear of failure. Is it possible to be afraid of success? According to performance and leadership coach Gavin Sharpe, the fear of success is real. It affects us all – from top athletes to lawyers, in the boardroom and beyond. We often fail to achieve greatness and settle for mediocrity as a result of our own self-imposed fears.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back from achieving our true potential and living a fulfilling life because we fear the consequences of success. So how can be become aware of our fears and ensure we get to live a full and meaningful life?

What is the difference between the fear of failure and the fear of success? What is Imposter Syndrome? Listen here to the abbreviated radio show from 106.5FM Riviera Radio. Former lawyer, entrepreneur and top performance and leadership coach Gavin Sharpe shares his personal and professional experiences on the subject.

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