Six Month Group Coaching Leadership & Development Programme

Groups create an opportunity for transformational change. When we see ourselves in others, we become vulnerable and open to change. This is where growth can flourish. There is nothing more powerful than working with a small group of people as they unlock their potential.

Group Coaching Programme

We are excited to announce our six-month leadership & development programme. In addition to the six group coaching sessions, each participant will receive three individual coaching sessions – at the outset, at the mid-way point and after the programme. Each group coaching session lasts half a day and is held monthly. Participants meet in between the monthly sessions to review and implement their experiences. 

Who Should Attend?

The ideal candidate might be a recently promoted leader or someone whose skills remain untapped and has leadership potential but might not have broken through their potential barrier.  It might also suit someone who is on track for promotion and is looking to develop the skills and/or confidence to step-up. The maximum number of people in the group is six to eight. The group is expected to meet in-between the sessions. 


To participate in the group, each participant will have a 30-minute interview to assess eligibility and to ensure they join a group with like-minded individuals with shared values and goals.  


The idea of group coaching is to meet the individual needs of all participants, hence there is a homogeneity to each group. Typical themes include:-

  • Developing Your Leadership Brand
  • Effective Communication and EQ
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Finding Your Individual Compass

Why Do Training and Corporate Offsites Often Fail?

Many offsite company retreats fail. There is a short-term boost to morale after some fluffy offsite activity but everyone soon returns to doing what they did before. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

The aim here is to unlock the leadership potential of each individual within a group context. A process of self-discovery creates a substantive shift in self-awareness which once seen is hard to unsee. In group coaching, each participant is held accountable for their personal development and also takes responsibility for the group which further enhances the internal growth.

Group coaching brings people together with a shared focus with the intention of individual development. Unlike most training, success is measured. 

In summary, coaching is about removing the roadblocks that we often self-impose between ourselves and our potential success. This is not training where an expert looks to impart their knowledge to others. It is a fluid, dynamic process where transformational change can and does occur.

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