Executive Coaching

I coach senior people seeking to accelerate their careers and attain a strategic edge. I offer high-impact career coaching which is results driven. I bring my depth of business experience, psychological insights from my work as a therapist and experience and knowledge from my expertise as an executive coach. All that is practically applied to business leaders.

Everyone’s circumstances and needs differ in complexity, which is why I adopt an agile approach to best meet your needs. As such, your career coaching programme is bespoke. I design everything around your career coaching needs and context to address your career goals and the specific challenges you face.

I coach people to improve their performance at work and unlock their potential.  At the top end, I coach CEOs and other C-suite members. We focus on strategy, vision, change management, and similar top-level initiatives. At mid-level, I often coach the next in line for top leadership positions and prepare them for their wider responsibilities. Our work might include enhancing communication, leadership presence and managing conflicts. I also work with onboarding a new or recently promoted leader and the focus of our work might be around team dynamics, stakeholder feedback, prioritization and effective communication.

At other times, the work might be facilitating someone who is stuck at a crossroads and seeking direction before taking the next step in their career.

Next Steps

Our work starts with a discovery call, exploring your needs, context and aspirations.  That is a 30-minute chemistry call and free of charge. Together we will assess your goals, the chemistry and consider what we can do together to meet those goals.

Once the work begins, I might invite you to undertake a psychometric assessment.


Coaching typically starts with 6 sessions of up to one hour and I offer a package rate (packages includes email support between sessions to integrate learning and use psychometric assessments is included).

6 sessions = €2,100

9 sessions = €2,700

12 sessions = €3,000

Individual sessions outside of package fees = €500. Please note the prices are all discounted for individuals seeking coaching. Corporate rates differ,

(All fees are subject to TVA).

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